Our Team

Our dedicated team of experts led by Hilary Doherty specialise in defending sexual allegations. Hilary and her team have an outstanding track record in defending these cases and have considerable skill, experience and commitment to this area of criminal law.

Hilary Doherty
Head of our Sexual Offences Defence Team

Hilary and her team represent client’s accused of the most serious and complex sexual offences including;

  • Rape and sexual/indecent assault
  • Historic sexual allegations
  • Sexual allegations relating to children
  • Making/possession of indecent images
  • Possessing extreme images
  • Publication of private images/movies
  • Removal from the Sex Offenders Register
  • Sexual Risk Orders (SROs),
  • Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPOs)

Our expertise

We act for clients in the most challenging and complex situations. Our many years of experience in this area of criminal law means we have the strategic, specialist knowledge and resources to ensure you have the best possible defence. We are discreet, determined and rigorous in the representation of all our clients.

At every stage of the case we are working to take the case apart piece by piece and to build a strong defence around you. We can take charge of the detail, whatever stage your case has reached. We will work from day one to dismiss everything that is alleged against you.

Our team build and maintain close contact with the Officer leading the investigation and take a proactive approach so that the police are clear, from the moment we’re involved, that your side of the story is important too. If facing court proceedings we will scrutinise every aspect of the allegations, line-by-line, word-by-word and defend you at every stage.

We understand that your loved ones will be going through this harrowing ordeal with you. At every stage we can help ease the pressure on you and everyone around you. We can help you explain the situation and help them to understand the truth beyond the allegations and the calm that’s still possible beyond the crisis. We will reassure you throughout and help you and your family stay positive.

At ITN we know that to limit the collateral damage of these life-changing allegations is at the forefront of your mind. We can take conduct of the legal side of things so you can focus on maintaining your relationships and your career.